Tomasz Madajczak


“No Space” Series of art collaborations initiated by the isolation during the covid - 19 pandemic. The works reflect on individual experience of isolation and intimate interaction between people, places, objects and different matters. The works were realised in private art studios, as well as in the space of Uillinn West Cork Art Centre in Skibbereen, Ireland, as part of art residency 2020. The project has been supported by the Covid-19 supportive Arts Council Funding and is a part of the Platform 31 initiative.


“Metaphor” 2003, Center of Polish Sculpture Orońsko, Poland - Triennale of Young Artists. A light conduit made from delicate transfusive plastic. Inside, the only one unblocked sky light window was letting in light filtered through ultramarine filters. It’s very delicate physicality created a powerful presence, directing the light into the gallery. People were welcome inside to look at the passing clouds, birds crossing the visible share of the sky and changes of light, as the setting sun was leaving the metaphor.

© Tomasz Madajczak