Tomasz Madajczak


“Neomorph” 2016, Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Ireland. An exhibition which explored different perspectives created by the appearance of the new Arts Centre in Skibbereen, its physical and sociological influence. The exhibition combined different observations, through photography, sound and animation. 

A new place, new space, a new perspective, new possibilities, new creation, new ideas. The perception of one’s self is a subject for exploration. The way we perceive, the way we react to change, the way we adapt. The new creates the unknown because it has not yet been experienced. If one appears in a new place, the process of adapting starts and everything changes in relation to the new presence, along with that presence itself. Suddenly a new building appears, dedicated, open for the coming change. Someone has to enter the building to see what is inside. A person can’t see through a building because it isn’t transparent, therefore a part of their vision is blocked. Sounds are reflected from the walls of a building, finding an obstacle in their way. All the changes influence other changes and that way it all goes on forever until it ceases to be. Therefore to focus on a building is to focus on one’s self, because there is no perception of a building and there is no sensation of any kind if there is no one present. If the building is high enough it is possible to climb on top of it and stand above all and any other urban creations. Therefore there is always the question: what do we percive and where does our perception find obstacles and where does it gain access to new areas for exploration. 

4 Images of Skibbereen and the area seen form the roof of the Uillin Art Centre automatically stitched into geometrical shapes. Showing E,S,W,N.

Anamorphic image showing 360 degrees panorama of Skibbereen captured at night seen form the roof of the new Art Centre.

Portraits of people who visited my studio during my residency at Ulillinn 2015/2016. The portraits were reflecting the inner state of the models.

A portrait, I said to my self, a portrait of a preson who wants to be portrayed. The images have appeared through dialogue with models who turned up randomly week after week. The dialogue was a simple yet challenging opening and gaining a chance to touch something hidden deep in the mind of each person. The large format camera was my medium at that instant. Safely hidden behind the body of a camera, everything looked just right, just the way we have discussed it a second ago. The models left me with a pile of negatives and visions which never stay the same, now is the time to go to the darkroom and throw some light through the celluloid to make them appear.

The “Neomorph” exhibition initiated “Resonant Matter”, an interactive sound performance by Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy from Cork City.


© Tomasz Madajczak