Tomasz Madajczak

Dimensions of Text

“Dimensions of Text” is a series of works created by me over a period of 19 years, exploring the idea of thought taking the shape of a word, a verbal expression or being transformed into text. I focus on its form, structure, social function and meaning. 


“Soothing Object” 2018, created in relation to a new space in Skibbereen, Ireland, dedicated to recovery and wellbeing. The text is based on John O’Donahue’s texts, developed in collaboration with HSE students and community members. Written in Irish and English.

“Mind Gardens” 2011, an exhibition created in Skibbereen, Ireland, questioning belonging and the sense of identity. A stream of consciousness written on the gallery floor. Written in Polish and English.

“Library” 2017, is a selection of photographs which explore the existence of the book and its meaning in society. The books come from a collection from a 16’th century Franciscan library, exposed in the form of an art project in “The Guesthouse”, Cork City, Ireland.

“Lines” 2000/2001, a room transformed into an active art dialogue during an art festival in Kłodzko, Poland.  From the written word - Tomasz Madajczak, through painting - Witold Liszkowski, towards geometry - prof. Jerzy Olek.


© Tomasz Madajczak