Tomasz Madajczak


“Communication Beyond Sound” 2014 was initiated through research and development  founded by Create. It took the form of an art interaction with the deaf community from Cork City, Ireland. The objective of the process was to initiate a form of visual dialogue and form a bridge between the deaf and the hearing world. The sign language gestures are similar to those used by hearing people. A scream which was performed by the deaf and the hearing people is an equal way of expression for the deaf and the hearing. Eventually, through additional funding from the HSE, the project was presented as a small exhibition in Cork City Library, as part of the Culture night 2016.

Workshops introducing photosensitivity and old photographical processes as the base and propedeutic of photography. Created for children and adults in interaction with the West Cork Arts cCentre 2013 and Working Artist Studios in Skibbereen 2011 - 2014. Darkroom B&W photography was the initial process which I learned as a way of most free, experimental and open way of achieving and influencing photographical image.

Collodion Photography and Hybride techniques is a new initiative, to focus on old photographic processes in relation with modern technological achievements. I plan series of workshops in Cork and West Cork, exploring the possibilities which we gain from the knowledge discovered around the idea of photography up to now. The dates and venues will be announced in future.

Introduction to photography workshops for DIT Sherkin Island students. The workshops were created on request of the students and involved theoretical classes about photography form its beginning to the digital era. They also initiated experimental darkroom work introduction as well as studio photography, art works reproduction classes and experimental painting with light sessions. 2011-2015 Skibbereen.


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