Tomasz Madajczak

Areas of Presence

“Areas of Presence” 2017, an art residency and exhibition in “The Guesthouse” Cork City, Ireland. The works explore the relationship between one’s inner identity and one’s presence in physical space.

Each place has its own significance, its ambience and its unique potential, as has every moment in time. Each space contains its given functional aspect, which influences its appearance, its character, and the actions that might be performed or taken in it. I have visited The Guesthouse on several occasions, observing and participating in its unique dynamics, created by particular groups of people influenced by the design of the space. During my art residency I decided to reflect on the given moment in time, my present state of mind and the relation between the inner space of body and mind in relation to the outer space in which the body and mind are manifesting their presence. I decided to leave the space of The Guesthouse as rarely as possible, to immerse myself in experiencing the different aspects of the building itself, as well as the different aspects of my own self being activated in different parts of the building. I walked attentively up and down, listening, watching, feeling. Eventually I started to observe multiple identities which are taking part in forming and sensing the experience of reality. I decided to create abstract naked invisible selves which accompany every action and influence, every decision I take. Sometimes I am aware of them, sometimes their influence fades away as soon as it appears. The images are dedicated to underlining the importance of every presence and the imprinted memory it leaves after changing its form, place and dynamic. Every presence makes a difference, and influences change. There might be many aspects of presence in a given space and time that are not quite yet known to us.


Stop frame animation was accompanied by experimental sound performance.

The public was quite amused.


© Tomasz Madajczak