Tomasz Madajczak was born in 1979 in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland. Studied Photography at the University of Fine Arts Academy in Poznań, Poland 1998-2003. Finalised his studies in 2003 with an MA in the Intermedia Department in the workshop run by prof. Andrzej Syska.Tomasz has emigrated to Ireland in 2003 where he has been residing and creating ever since. He has exhibited in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Pakistan, France and Ireland. Tomasz Madajczak lives in West Cork, where he develops his art practice using installation, photography, drawing and video.Tomasz often collaborate with Irish and International artists. His most recent projects are: "NoSpace", "Thought Space", "The Dimension of Text", "Hybrid Identity" and "Areas of Presence", “Unspoken Tongue”.



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